Anupama's roaring AVATAR

Anupama reached Kvaya's house in her anger due to the complaint.

Anupama: Kinjal will be sitting on Vanraj's throne from now on

Kinjal learned the truth behind his job role!

Anupama: Did Kinjal replace Vanraj?

Vanraj lost the job while Kinjal is shown celebrating with her family. And the presentation shows that maybe she has replaced Vanraj

Anupama has become an inspiration for today’s women!

Vanraj lost his job whereas Anupama is touching new heights each day.

Anupama announces her decision of leaving the house

Vanraj takes Pakhi away from Anupama and Kavya accepts it somehow. Toshu asks Kinjal to leave the house with him but Anupama decides to leave instead of anyone else.

Vanraj's reaction and action defines his fear of losing Anupama

Vanraj returned home and asked Anupama about the divorce papers and left with Pakhi from the house.

Is this a plot or Vanraj really want to marry kavya?

Vanraj has told his family that he wants to marry Kavya now.

Anupama: Vanraj's U-turn to Kavya!

Vanraj decided to go back to Kavya and marry her.

What are the real intentions of Vanraj in the show Anupama?

Vanraj is shown going back to Kavya, while confessing his feelings to Anupama.

What will be the next move of Anupama?

Vanraj suddenly realized his love for Anupama and now the question arises on Anupama's further reaction.