Bigg Boss 11 Live Day 73 Review (Hindi) | 13th December 2017

Subscribe to us and hit the bell icon for getting notified when our livestream goes live - Click here - Sit back and Relax and Enjoy Akash Bhai's review on Bigg Boss Season 11 - Day 73. As the video is long, you can select the topic of your choice with the given timestamp below and listen to only that particular topic. As a new inclusion, we are also giving the credit to some amazing observations and the names of the viewers who asked a particular question. Do read the video description and you might find your own name :-) Do give a thumbs up to the live stream and share amongst your social groups. Day 73 Review Topic Index: (From 00:00 to 20:00) - Total 20 mts (1) Acash's anger on Vikas and Vikas's strategy - 01:40 - 4:15 (2) BB Lab Task - Starts at 04:30 (3) Today's crown - 6:28 (4) Dumb Taj - 10:00 (5) Kal Kothri - Who might to - 13:05 (6) Eviction poll - what do the results say? - 15:20 (7) Luv & Hina ki Dosti - 18:00 (8) Q&A (21:00 - 50:00) (9) BB11 Twitter Trend - 50:02 Day 73 Q&A: (From 21:00 - 50:00) - Total 30 mts Q1: (Abhishek Singh) - Do you think Puneesh played one side? - 31:24 Q2: (Madhu Pandey) - Dont you think its quite low level of game currently being played by Shilpa, Akash and Arshi as they keep changing their relationship status with everyone in the house? - 33:10 Q3: (Shalini Arora) - Do you think bigg boss will change the game as till now it seems as if Shilpa will win but do you think Hina has any chance now to win the show? - 35:40 Q4: (Mitalee Vadhavekar) - Shilpa is a hypocrite as she is okay with hitting hiten when its visible that Hiten was uncomfortable while getting angry with Acash for doing someting similar - What do you think? - 41:12 Q5: (Rida Ashraf) - Is Hina justified in saying sorry in front of the camera instead of the person to whom you made a particular comment? - 43:00 #bb11 #akashbhai #peepoyefame ****** PEEPOYE CONTEST ********** If you think you can guess who will get evicted this week, then do participate in our Peepoye contest and you could win a gift voucher. Simple process to play is: 1. Comment on this video who will be evicted this week 2. Follow our twitter handle i.e. 3. Tweet the contestant name that you think will get evicted and use hashtag #peepoyefame #bb11 & #akashbhai and also tag @realakashbhai in your tweet. This contest will only be valid till Friday 11PM and when evictions get announced during weekend ka vaar episode, all the subscribers to our youtube channel and followers on my twitter platform with the correct guess will enter into a lucky draw where one of you will win a gift voucher and you will be contacted as well as your name and picture will be shared during our live podcast. ********PEEPOYE CONTEST ********* For any one-one queries and for contest applications, send us an email at Subscribe to PeepOye Fame here: Subscribe to PeepOye Fitness (Akash Bhai's Fitness VLOGS): Subscribe to Akash Bhai's Personal Reaction Channel: You can also follow us on these social media platforms: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Facebook: Cheers, Akash Bhai