Bigg Boss Audition Guide - Most Important Tips (what you don't know)

This video provides all the official insights around the duo registration and other guidelines around the auditions which is must watch for anyone waiting for their chance to get into Bigg boss house. This time the creative team has presented a very big opportunity to the applicants but only if they understand how they can make a difference and that is what this video will explain. Here are the top queries which this video will answer: 1. What is the audition period for Bigg boss 12? 2. How many times can i submit my audition video? 3. What is the Jodi or Duo registration concept? 4. What should i talk about in my audition video? 5. How do i select my registration partner or co-applicant? 6. Why are there 3 video options and how many videos are mandatory to be submitted? 7. What should be the size and length of the video? 8. What is most important to be kept in mind while shooting your audition video? 9. What are the various terms and conditions and who is eligible for Bigg Boss commoners audition? 10. Which channels are open for Bigg boss audition? 11. How to fill up the Bigg boss 12 application form? 12. Tips and updates for an effective audition video for Bigg boss Do Hit the like button if you liked the content of this video and also Subscribe us (Hit the bell icon while subscribing for instant notifications). You can also apply for auditioning with Akash Bhai! Simply, send us an email with a short video intro and your picture You can also follow Akash Bhai on these social media platforms: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook Page for Peepoye: Facebook Group for Bigg Boss 12: Cheers, Akash Bhai