Introduction - What to expect from the Series | Candid with Sabyasachi - Part 1

This series brings out all the hidden secrets around Bigg boss which is the the biggest and the most popular reality TV show in India. It's a dream of the entire nation to get inside the Bigg Boss house every year when the auditions get announced and to make sure that you get most authenticated news and updates around the Bigg boss selection process, we had a detailed and a candid conversation with one of the participants of Bigg boss season 11 - Shri Sabyasachi Satpathy who not only made one of the most talked about audition video as a commoner but also was one of the most non controversial contestant of bb11. He was loved by all the contestants and due to the same very reason, Akash Bhai had a detailed conversation which was candid - transparent and straightforward with Sabyasachi in order to understand his life, journey, experience in Bigg boss house and what his advise would to all the people who want to audition for Bigg boss. One thing we can say that this series will not only be entertaining for the people as Sabyasachi shared lot of insight and secrets which you don't see on TV but will also provide some amazing tips and updates for Bigg boss audition as well an understanding on the entire selection process. Also, this series gives you a chance to not only be the audience or a viewer but also engage with us and participate. 3 Lucky winners will get a chance to get featured in this series at the end. Here is how you can enter the contest: 1) Like all the videos in this series 2) Subscribe to this channel - Peepoye Fame - 3) Follow Akash Bhai and Sabyasachi at the below social media platforms 4) Post a comment on this video 5) Inform us about your participation and send a screenshot of this comment to ' and short video message. 6) As we approach the end of the series, we will shortlist 3 lucky winners and their video messages will be featured in the last part of this series Follow Sabyasachi Satpathy here: Facebook - Instagram - Follow Akash Bhai here: Instagram - Twitter - For any one-one queries and for contest applications, send us an email at All the Best :) Cheers, Akash Bhai Creative and Production Essentials: Powered by 'Peepoye Network' Productions Cinematography by 'Create My Thought' You can contact 'Create My Thought' team at 91-9999938975 and email at