My Journey before & after Bigg Boss (Series Finale) | Candid with Sabyasachi - Part 10

We bring for you the real and candid interview with one of the Bigg Boss Housemates "Sabyasachi Satpathy" and in this particular episode, Sabyasachi tells our viewers what has been his journey before and after bigg boss talking about the key milestones in his life and also he has a message for Akash Bhai and all of you - It's a must watch episode as it's also our series finale! All these questions get answered in this part of our series - Candid with Sabyasachi. Enjoy this video and keep watching! Don't forget to like & Subscribe our channel as we are the most popular channel for Bigg Boss critic reviews as well as many other real stories around this most popular and controversial show in the history of Indian TV! You can follow us on these platforms: Facebook - Instagram - You can also follow Akash Bhai here: Instagram - Twitter - https:/ Facebook - Keep watching and have a great day! Cheers, Akash Bhai