The The Logical Podcast 01 feat. Sonu Nigam - - Music Mafia, Life, Bollywood Lobby & more..

In this episode of The Logical Podcast, we talk to the living legend of Indian Music Industry 'Sonu Nigam' discussing Music Mafia, His Life and the changing dynamics of the Music Industry!


In this first episode of 'The Logical Podcast' we speak to none other than the living music legend 'Sonu Nigam' where the conversation from both sides will open up a series of facts which will not only expose the mafia that operates in the Indian music industry but also it will talk about how there are so many layers due to which, the audience would never even realize how a career in the background is simply destroyed by the powerhouses who are motivated by not only commercial aspects but also their big fat egos! If you enjoyed the video, do like, share & hit the Subscribe button with the bell icon pressed for instant notifications.


Complete Video Breakdown by Chapters:

00:00 - Coming up

00:44 - Introduction

1:44 - What is Peepoye

2:16 - What it takes to become Sonu Nigam?

5:55 - How Sonu Nigam does his Riyaaz

7:46 - His motivation for using Social Media

11:07 - The 'Spiritual' Sonu Nigam

14:57 - Spotless and Social Media Influence

21:10 - The Fallacy of Bollywood awards

28:40 - Copyright Harassment by Music Companies

33:58 - Why Sonu Nigam has been less active in Bollywood

42:20 - His Favorite Composers

45:18 - His Favorite Singers

47:47 - Use of Autotunes in Music Industry

54:16 - Changing Dynamics and Re-mixes

58:10 - Peculiar Habits and Superstitions

1:02:10 - Bollywood Lobby Blocking Sonu Nigam

1:07:52 - Sonu Nigam and Kangana Ranaut for Sushant Singh Rajput

1:13:28 - The Jealous Mika Singh

1:19:15 - Fun Time and Singh along with Sonu Nigam

1:24:18 - Sum up and Outro