Zomato Delivery Boy Controversy (Part 3) - Solved!! Hitesha Exposes Hitesha

In this part 3 of the Zomato Delivery Boy Controversy, we discuss 13 loop-holes in the statements of Hitesha Chandranee and verify the authenticity of her verdict against Kamaraj.

This is Part 3 of the Zomato Delivery Boy Controversy where we first looked at the viral video of Hitesha followed by Kamaraj's statement in Part 2 and now in this video, we dig and identify all the loop-holes in Hitesha Chandranee's statements and expose her with the help of her own statements!


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मैं कामराज के साथ हूँ, और आप? - कमेंट सेक्शन में ज़रूर बताइये कहाँ से सपोर्ट कर रहे हैं! #ReinstateKamaraj


Watch Part 1 (Point-By-Point Breakdown of the Zomato Delivery Boy Controversy): https://youtu.be/NqcWaTzxH5Q


Watch Part 2 (Reinstate Kamaraj the Zomato Delivery Boy): https://youtu.be/g01BRw25174



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